Updated: Nov 11, 2019

For the past couple of months I have been diligently working on some new styles and illustrations. When the school year began (for my kids), I felt like Heartthrob was in a transitional phase. I was ready for a refresh. I had not been on Pinterest I think …. God, all year. I had posted maybe 6 times on Instagram for what seems like April through October. And I realized I have ZERO clue how to use Facebook (now I sorta regret deleting my old account from my 20s). This lack of social engagement is hard for me to break… for I am a bit of an introvert.

I began clearing my mind of everything I thought I should be designing, and embarked on designing from my own inspirations. I started close to home… literally my house. Because I hate driving anywhere in this Metro (I am from Alexandria). But I am glad I did. Because my house is like a sanctuary of inspiration. I found old photographs of my grandparents, my parents. I have so many trinkets, posters, vintage handbags, toy doll cases, 90s zines, music flyers… vintage DC hardcore, punk rock flyers (my husband is actually much cooler than I am), and the list goes on. I have so much around me that influences my work on a daily basis, and I have yet to give credit to any those sources. I need to SHARE more.

One common thread in my influences is the 60s period. I find that decade to be fresh and eclectic. I still return to a lot of the same artist, films, and designs that were pioneered during that decade. Like the music from France Gall and the Yé-Yé movement, to New Wave films like Jean-Luc Godard’s Bande à part (1964). And who can deny pop goddess Cher or Diana Ross, Ronnie Spector and the list goes on..... and on and on.

I love the progressive attitudes during this period. It was brash, creative, and daring. And these attitudes are represented through art and design. I have a collection of old film posters, original lithographs, and vinyl from the 19060s. I do judge a book by its cover, and the promotional film (or music) posters from this decade draw me in every time. Same goes for music. I love album art. My husband has a collection of vinyl that is mostly old hardcore punk rock from DC and beyond, but we also have a pretty good selection of 60s and 70s vinyl as well.

While there is so much to touch upon from this period, I am keeping it short, sweet and close to home. These women and artists have been some of my influences since I was young, and where better to start than your roots.

A collection of portraits, stationery and gift wrap will be available this November in my shop! I can't wait to show you!



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