PORTRAIT COLLECTION: Behind The Scenes and Influences

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

As I shared in my last post, I have been going through a transitional phase with Heartthrob. And during this transitional phase, I honed in on my key influences and was very inspired by the 1960s music, design and culture. In the end, I created a collection of illustrations that I am so excited about. They are portrait illustrations of women who have consistently inspired me throughout the years and who I commonly refer back to.

I've always considered myself an illustrator at heart, then a graphic designer. While I wish I produced more work entirely by hand, I am a graphic artist most of the time today. I work mainly with pencil and my art markers. When I took an illustration course in college, I was in my element and was hooked on Prisma markers. Now I primarily use Copic. But what I love about being an illustrator with a graphic design degree, is that I use both my hands on drawing skills and marry it with my design background. I create every composition with my own custom sketches. I am neurotic with my aesthetic. Sometimes I say to myself to buy tools and presets online, and while there are many beautiful resources out there, I end up creating all my presets myself for Illustrator and Photoshop. But in the end, I believe what I create is unique, and truly me.

Does anyone else set their rings aside while illustrating? I have this little blue dish, an old trinket from my grandmother that I use. You can see it in the upper left hand side of the image.

Another great influence in terms of illustration style is my Nana, Sally Adams. She was a very talented illustrator herself. She was from Charlotte, N.C. and I still have her art box where she stored all her sketches during the 60s. Some of her illustrations are below.

Nana and Mom, early '60s.
My grandmother who was from Naples, Italy

Both my grandmothers were inspirational women. I am very fortunate. The photograph pictured above is of my grandma (on my fathers side) in the 1960s. She was from Naples, Italy and met my grandfather during WW2. Can I tell you how much I love the pattern on her dress?? Where can I get this dress? I am definitely inspired by the fashion from this period, especially the patterns. I have a special surface pattern that will be available as gift wrap with this new collection.

The Portrait Collection is launching November 21st and will feature portrait prints, stationery and special gift wrap. If you haven't yet, sign up for the waitlist! When you sign up you get a free gift when you buy a product from the collection!



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