I love a Spring color palette. My work can get eclectic (from illustration to film photography), so I try to cohere my collections with color. I use a lot of muted colors... my favorite being a buff tone, which can look pink at times and other times look like skin. These are some product images from my Instagram. Now can I shamelessly ask you to please follow me??

Wildflower Stationery

Mum Gift Wrap in Butter

Rainbow Card Set

Original Heartthrob Studio Mascot Seasonal Stationery Set

Mum Gift Wrap in Honey Dew

The shop is being stocked with all new kinda SS19 goodies. Stationery and Gift wrap...With more to come because I have way to many illustrations I am working on. Anyone else overwhelm themselves with projects and OPTIONS.

xoxo, JR

#Illustration #Stationery

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