I love design so much because it gives me the opportunity to be completely ADD creatively. I love illustrating. I love product development. I love photography. I love branding. Bookbinding and more. Graphic Design gives me the most satisfying indulgence. I can keep my work versatile while still remaining in the Heartthrob Studio canon. Anyways.... I have a VAULT of film photography. Starting from my photography courses in college, the darkroom, to the present day. I go through photography binges every couple of years. must be rich to be a photographer. I can only afford the sporadic bingeing.

Such pure 35mm and 120mm film photography. My photos have been on my mental turn-table for so long AND finally it all come together and melded into some hunky ass paper porn for my eyes.

I am in love with this stationery thus far! Check them out at the SHOP. There will be prints and more from my film photography series.

Skyline Drive, Blue Ridge Mountains, 2007, 120mm

Heartthrob Studio Skyline Drive Art Print

Heartthrob Studio Stationery, 35mm Photography

Jennifer Richardson, 35mm Film Photography, 2010

Cherry Blossoms, 2010, 35mm

Heartthrob Studio Cherry Blossoms DC Art Print

Heartthrob Studio Stationery, 35mm Photography

Check them out! What do you think?!

xoxo, JR

#CreativeDirection #35mm #120mm

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