Girl Crush: Kali Uchis

Kali Kuchis has been on my radar since I stumbled upon her Drunken Babble mixtape on SoundClound a couple years ago. Her music is eclectic and cool. Her style is infectious. I love that every song of hers is different but all of them have a unique sexy vibe that is all Kali. She can be retro funk or soulful. Her futuristic "Pablo Escobar" is constantly on my buds. And she pulls deep with her song covers. I am not one for covers and re-makes but holy shit I can't get enough of her "Porque Te Vas" by 70s Spanish pop singer Jeannette. I have to say that Kali's parents must have some good taste. Cuz we know good taste starts with los padres. Her roots are Columbian. But it was a happy bonus that I learned she was also from Alexandria, Virginia. Well, not sure if it is Alexandria or Falls Church. But probably where the two melt together.

Her collaboration with Daniel Ceasar got her a nomination at this years Grammys too. She deserves one for her solo work tho... but she has done collaborations with some major musicians. Her resume is comin' stacked!

And Kali just takes it up a notch. Last November she channeled an unforgettable look Salma Hayek did from the movie From Dusk 'Til Dawn. Hands down one of the most sexiest moments in cinema. Kali is clever. And clever is oh so hot.

I can't wait until she drops her debut album. I'm on the edge of my seat.

xoxo, JR

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