DESIGN CRUSH: Anthropologie In-House Design

For a big company, Anthropologie does the "small local shop" aesthetic better than anyone else out there. I am always amazed at how they pack such an intimate handmade punch into their shops and brand. When I walk into their store, I never feel like I am walking into a corporate establishment. I feel as though I am walking into a bungalow of that really cool art chick who I possibly idolized as a pre-teen.

No one creates this small human touch so effective and better than the designers at Anthropologie. Who are these designers?? I know that there probably has been plenty written up on the design team for the Anthropologie brand. But I have to say that I am so enthralled all the time with the thoroughness of detail that I save any new packaging design I obtain! Much like the image below. This sewn edge pocket fold envelope is JUST the receipt holder! They adorn it with metal eyelets, paper "washers" (at least that is what I call them when I make them for eyelets) for which a small burnt ombre string wraps around (the string is no longer on my envelopes). Then, it is stamped and blind embossed with their company logo. Wow. All I can say. And with all that detail packed into this little receipt holder, it still remains visually clean and simple. I am a sucker for you Anthropologie.

Anthropologie Packaging Design Receipts

Company: Anthropologie

Product: Receipt Holder

Year: I believe I have kept my from 2013-2015

Materials: Paper, Eyelets, String

Designer: I would love to know!



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