Another one from my own design vault. I really love it when a company takes the extra time to sew their own packaging! I mean, I would love this for Heartthrob packaging! I have considered doing things similar to this, however using paper. But, GAWD, adding another skill (sewing) to the list just seems way too daunting.

I also love how it is imperfect. The scraps of pink cloth is roughly cut and sewn in a very simplistic way. Very unfussy but still given the proper amount of detail. The package pairs so nicely with the overall aesthetic and look of the brand.

Packaging Design Lazybones Euro Sham
Packaging Design Lazybones Pillow Shams

Company: Lazybones

Design Product: Pillow Sham Packaging

Dimensions: 8.5"x10"

Year: 2015

Material: Linen (Package) Cotton (Label)

Country: Australia

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