Heartthrob Studio Halloween Greeting Cards

Had to post some new cards! Halloween is my most favorite time of year. These were my most successful greeting cards out of the handful I took a stab at. My favorite is the black cat motif. Probably because it came out exactly how I envisioned it in my head. For that to happen as a designer is awesome! I wanted it to have this slight menacing quality to it. And I think it did the trick!

Heartthrob Studio Illustrated Halloween Greeting Cards

For inspiration, I look to vintage posters, ads and basically any paper good or marketing material with age. I came across an illustration from a 1930's movie flyer depicting a black cat. The Black Cat movie flyer depicts the cat to be quite wild and wicked! The Black Cat was Universal’s first star pairing of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. It was inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's like many other films from the same studio. The Black Cat was Universal’s biggest box office hit of 1934.

The Black Cat (Universal Studios, 1934)

Karloff Bela Lugosi motion picture The Black Cat, 1934

Karloff Bela Lugosi motion picture The Black Cat, 1934

Who does love a black kitty?



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