Design Crush: Kate Spade Saturday

I think this was an immediate cupid, arrow through my heart, OUCH that is hurting so good type of moment. I was so sadly disappointed when they decided to close down Saturday, for good. But that doesn't stop me! I am on the prowl for their branding and packaging materials to add to my design collection. The branding is so good because it is the perfect counterpart to the "Saturday" canon. If 90210 was thrusted into 2013 (with a shot of Saved By The Bell) Saturday is what you would get..... but better. This is such a favorite of mine there will be more posts on Saturday! No way can I cover it all in just one. From the labels, the outer envelopes, shopper bags, and business cards plus their holders... everything is working is such harmony I can hear the design gods peering up from their t-rulers and xactos, having zero feedback. Thus, having nothing more to say equals ...... NAILED it.

Kate Spade Saturday Packaging Design



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