You can call me Jenny. Sometimes people call me Jen or even Jenna (if you live in Raleigh). I am a graphic designer and illustrator from the D.C. area. I grew up in the Mount Vernon neighborhood of Alexandria.....literally George Washington's backyard. I studied Graphic Design and received my fine arts degree from a small women's liberal arts college in Raleigh, North Carolina. I started Heartthrob Studio when my children were very young. Due to my obsession with design, illustration and paper, I formed my own paper brand and launched Heartthrob Studio in 2016.

  I love clean, bold illustration, which is my benchmark style. I create compositions with my professional markers and graphic software. I'm very inspired by poster design and apply those principals to themes from my millennial youth. And that is how I would summarize the Heartthrob style... I design modern paper goods with a poster-like design punch.

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