Heartthrob Studio is a paper goods design boutique created by graphic designer and illustrator Jennifer Richardson. 

You can call me Jenny. Sometimes people call me Jen or even Jenna (if you live in Raleigh). I am from the DC area. I literally grew up living in George Washington's backyard. I started Heartthrob Studio in 2016 when my children were pretty little. They are still young, my daughter is almost 8 (yikes!) and my son is 5 years old. But when I started having children, I needed something to keep me, me. I have been illustrating since I was a kid and knew that a creative field is where I would end up one day. I studied Graphic Design and received my fine arts degree from a small all Women's College in Raleigh, North Carolina. I played tennis there while earning my degree in design. 

Although I am a Graphic Designer, I consider myself to be an illustrator and a jack-of-all-trades, so to speak. I dabbled in various mediums, including illustration, film photography, surface design, block printing, painting and more. I ended up choosing Graphic Design because it allowed me to put my variety of skills into one profession. These varied trades all make up Heartthrob Studio brand. I love working with my hands. I love keeping my collections diverse, and in the end Heartthrob Studio is an eclectic mix of illustration, film photography and more. 

Many many many things inspire my work. But if I had to nail down a single phrase to describe my influences and my overall brand, it would be "retro modern." I live in an area rich with history and diversity. I am blessed to have a family that is culturally diverse as well. Growing up I was exposed to different cultures, architecture and design. I still look back at old travel posters from Italy. I collect old lithographs and a variety of design memorabilia, a lot coming from the 1960s. These artifacts from my own collections, or passed down from family members shape what I design today.

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